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Keiji Medium Roast - Organic Estate Puna - Dry Cherry Process

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Keiji Roast Organic Estate Puna Dark - Dry Cherry Process

Our Estate coffee is organically grown in the district of Puna. It is a labor of love that we are extremely passionate about. Our coffee is nourished in deep rich soil on the windward side of the island, creating coffee with very low acidity. Our coffee trees are mostly shade grown under avocado trees, cacao, kukui nut, and other fruit bearing trees. The coffee cherries are handpicked so only the highest quality beans are roasted. They then go through a special “Honey process” which is seldom done by other coffee farmers, due to the extended drying time. Once the ripe coffee cherry is picked, it is soaked and fermented for approximately 2 days, then moved into the drying room to be sun dried to perfection. The dried cherry is then hulled to green beans. Our Puna Estate greens encompasses all the Grades of coffee including Peaberry The drying process takes 3-4 weeks which develops the unique delightful flavors of the cherry skin.

Our Keiji Roast (Medium Roast) is a bold flavorful coffee which captures the essence of our deep rich soils.  Its earthy undertones and higher caffeine content is the perfect cup to start your day.

    It truly is a cup of Divinity in every sip….